The Delectable Pastries of Florence


Since I have decided the pastries in Italy are some of the BEST pastries I have ever not only eaten but have dreamed of eating, I thought it was only right to dedicate a single blog to these pastries. The pictures don’t do them justice but they will make your mouth water and may even get you on a plane to Italy in the near future!


My top three favorite pastries in Italy:



THE Cannoli-mouth watering


Lobster tail- crispy on the outside and moist and creamy on the inside. Pastry cream is stuffed inside. Continue reading

A Slice of Italia


I have finally made it to Florence, Italy! The journey getting here was a learning experience and quite eventful to say the least. The last few days have consisted of getting settled into my apartment, meeting my 4 new roommates and finding my way around the amazing and beautiful city of Florence.

On my way home from a long day of venturing around Florence, Alex (my roommate) and I came across a wine and cheese shop with many free samples. Being new to Florence, we got sucked in (the samples were delcious!). We bought Chianti (wine), salami, and a twist to a classic cheese cheese with red grapes on the outside.

Once we made it home all of my roommates and I made dinner and taste tested everything, it was delizios!


Close up of the grapes encrusted on the outside of the cheese.


A plethora of carefully crafted cheeses




The view from my apartement

A quick prayer for travelers: Lord Jesus be my companion, guide, and guardian during my journey; deliver and protect me from all danger, misfortune and temptation; that being so defended by Your divine power I may have a successful journey and arrive safely at my destination. For You are where I place my trust. Amen 🙂