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Beauty Products

@katenetton.. here is my google doc. packing list as you recommend :). Such a great TIP especially for people – me 😉 who travel A LOT = exhausted…

Packing List

A Few Fav Beauty Products

      1. Korres Lotion  I use this everyday after the shower (body lotion)..not face… to help plump and soothe my dry skin. It is especially helpful after spending  time in the lake. KORRES

      2. homemade bone broth (i do chicken) This is literally my #1 go to. Bone Broth. This helps with EVERYTHING. lips. skin, age spots, muscle, immune system, hair and nails. I HIGHLY recommend drinking bone broth every week AT LEAST.

PS. I have not tried the above Hy-Vee recipe BUT I did work for them and trust that they did an amazing job with this one! My recipe will be posted soonish

     3. Unite Classic Detangelor This stuff is new to me. With that said…I am not sure how “green” it is but I am 100 % confident it works great), and helps with the lake hair/ leaves it silky even after a ride on the boat or swimming. UNITE

   4. Essence LASH Mascara Princess Inexpensive and perfect. must have.

Essence Last Mascara Princess only…$4.99

Have a great week!!….Safe travels and BIG blessings to my coaches (ALL of U) who inspire me everyday. One of the best fitness coaches out there, @katenetton… Kate is an awesome beach body coach. XO! Packing List posted over < for my current trip in Arnold, MD.

Have a great week!! 


One thought on “Clean & Green Products

  1. I went to Ulta yesterday and bought Essence Princess mascara. I love it, it goes on nice and smooth. No clumps. Thanks for the recommendation Niki.

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