I’m Niki. Back in the day I studied psychology with an emphasis in Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Iowa (GO HAWKS!). In my free time you will find me in the kitchen crafting recipes. Food is my second love, God being my first.  I cook when ever and where ever I get the chance. If I’m not in the kitchen, I’m spending time outside in the sun or exploring all that the world has to offer.


The recipes that you will find on my blog reflect what I typically eat. I like easy to make, wholesome (organic if possible), and most of all tasty food! I also LOVE chocolate & peanut butter! Since I am Greek, many of my recipes are Greek or Mediterranean.

My goal is to enrich your lives with recipes that make you feel energized, healthy while enjoying the process of making the recipe you embark upon. My number 1 goal is to let God’s light shine upon you and me.  Growing up I remember cooking with the Greek ladies from my church, St George. I learned a lot about Greek cooking and the tricks they have up there sleeves that you would never guess!

Thanks for stopping by!


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