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~ Only dead fish go with the flow ~

Being busy doesn’t make you any more important than the person next to you…  repeat after me… “it is not about you” 😉  Being busy doesn’t increase your value. Being busy doesn’t determine your worth.Can we stop glorifying busy? 

 I have been at times, afraid that if I said ‘no,’ they wouldn’t like me, or wouldn’t trust me, or wouldn’t think of me as a good friend.  You might be familiar with the phrase “the people-pleasing disease.” I think that’s a truly fitting description of what this feels like. While it may give you some momentary satisfaction, it will only end up hurting you (your spouse, kids, etc).

I try to prioritize the most important things first. For me,  that’s God,  and my spiritual, mental & physical well-being.From that place,  I ask myself a few questions to determine whether I give a “yes” or a “no.”

  • Will saying yes to this commitment mean I won’t be able to get my work commitments done?
  • Will this fill up my entire weekend?
  • Does this allow me to have space in my day to reflect and spend time with God?

Fun links

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Is it TIME to quit your day job?!


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What are your priorities, and how are you protecting them? Amen to the ^ …it is hard…not easy to accept hey, “it is not about me/you”….It is though about what HE created and is creating for the glory of our lives. Don’t worry you got this. What a relief! Cheers XO,


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