Drink Green


Day 2~ How to Drink  Green Daily

Try to drink a green drink everyday~ A smoothie or juice made from mostly kale, spinach or other leafy greens. Nutritionists recommend to eat 6-8 servings of veggies and fruits a day. If you drink 1 hardy (12) ounce glass of fresh veggie juice it should give you a whole days worth of what you need to consume.

I have been drinking an awesome green drink every day for a week now and feel great! .. I’ve also lost a few pounds 🙂 BIG PLUS especially when I can’t go running.

You May ask why?

  • Pesticides, genetically modified seeds, and conventional farming have depleted key vitamins and minerals from our soil. For example, a zucchini today does not have the same amount of nutrition as a zucchini did twenty  years ago… :(. Because of this we need to overcompensate through eating as much whole plant organic veggies as possible. Drink a green drink then…cheers!
  • You are saying goodbye to toxins by detoxing naturally. Many diseases are triggered by poison consumed from polluted foods with pesticides and GMOS. Drinking green is a quick way to detox from these poisons. Chlorophyll (what makes a leaf green) is what helps make this happen.
  • Green foods protect against all kinds of cancer.
  • Helps you get thin and fit.
  • Improves digestion

Ways to Get These Greens In

Blend IT- Use a Vitamix ( they work GREAT)

Juice IT- Add carrots to get longer eyelashes 🙂

Take a Wheat Grass Shot

When it Comes to Store -Bought Drinks….

First things first. 100% juice does not mean anything. Food companies can say 100% juice on the label even if it has additives and preservatives… Oh boy is right…

How to Choose the Best Store -Bought Juice

The best raw organic juices you can buy are below:

  1. Suja Juice
  2. Suja Elements
  3. Juice Press
  4. Organic Avenue
  5. Luna’s Living Kitchen
  6. Viva Raw
  7. TumericALive
  8. Blue Print
  9. Evolution Fresh
  10. Trader Joe’s (some)

Do not Buy- Contain GMOS and pesticides amongst many other negative ingredients for your health

  1. V8
  2. Naked Juice
  3. POM Wonderful
  4. Simply Orange
  5. Tropicana
  6. Ocean Spray
  7. Minute Maid
  8. Mott’s
  9. Del Monte
  10. Welch’s













4 thoughts on “Drink Green

  1. Good article! I freeze my organic spinach then mix it with almond milk and a protein powder from a nutritionist (all natural), at least two a day and I can’t live without it!

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