Breaking Free From Toxins


I have been inspired to “break free”.
Im excited to get rid of polluting foods in my body and replace them with foods that are truly healthy! One reason being I still have a broken foot and can’t run for another MONTH so I’m taking on something new, fun and educational.  I’ve chosen to do this by following The Food Babe Way 21 day plan to get rid of toxins, lose weight (without counting calories-no way!) and feel well, wholesome and energized. This isn’t a diet! … Just a way to start a new and healthy lifestyle through eliminating toxic chemicals that are in our food causing all kinds of health problems. I’ll be blogging about tips I learn that are helpful for me and what I believe will help you in so many ways so stay tuned!

So far I have learned easy things to do that make me feel energized. From drinking lemon water to learning how to shop and buy truly healthy organic foods, I feel my lifestyle changing in a positive direction. Get excited and follow this 21 day plan with me!

Day 1 ~Cleanse your body daily with a morning lemon water gig

Drink a cup of warm lemon H2O with cayenne pepper when you awake in the morning. (Organic ingredients please!)

Health Benefits:

Stimulates your liver- the main detoxing organ in the body that helps with healthier skin, clearer eyes, better attitude and more balanced weight.

Increases fat burn by improving your digestion~ If our digestive system isn’t working it’s almost impossible to loose weight. Poor digestion can prevent the body from absorbing the nutrients it needs to burn fat.

Drinking warm lemon water stimulates saliva and sends a signal to the body to get things rollin.

Vitamin C~fights cell damage and strengthens immune defenses. You should start to get sick less and able to keep going on strong!!:) Limonin in lemons also helps prevent cancer.

What about that cayenne?! ~burns body fat by boosting your metabolism just like any spicy food does. It also fights food cravings, has a healing effect on your digestive system, high in vitamins A,C, and B complex; calcium and potassium.

How we do it!

Before bed fill electric kettle with filtered water. Set out a lemon and cayenne pepper. As soon as I wake up I start the kettle get ready then pour hot water into a glass half full of room temp water. Warm water is close to your body temp so your body will process it better. Too hott of water can kill off benefits of live enzymes in the lemon. Squeeze a whole lemon or half of a lemon in the 8 ounces of water and add cayenne. BOOM! A BAM to start the day off right! 🙂

Next up~ add some green to your daily liquid intake!

Cheers and healthy drinking everyone!


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