Weekly Highlights

I’m so excited to spend some time in my swim suit with the new friends I have met in Greece. Here are a few things I have done during my time in Greece along with what has caught my eye this week, many of which have been inspired from the amazing Greek culture I have had the opportunity to surround myself with~ Opa and happy forth!


 View from hotel in Poros, Greece~amazing

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Favorite cold treat~ light and healthy coconut frozen yogurt. It’s not hard to imagine the light and fresh taste, yet rich flavor of this yogurt from the photo alone. Via anjasfood4thought

Anja's Food 4 Thought: Coconut Frozen Yogurt

Exploring island of Poros on a 4-Wheeler with Spyros
















Cheers~ happ 4th Via julieblanner.com

Fourth of July or Memorial Day Party - switch blueberries out for cherries!

Lamb~ Greece is full of tasty lamb Via Donna Hay

char-grilled lamb shoulder with tomato and feta salad ❥

Whats in the News~ The banks in Greece have been closed for 5 days now. It’s hard to find an ATM that works and if we do the Greeks can only take up to 60 euro out a day. Difficult times but everything is fine for now. We will wait until the weekend to see what will happen next.


















Have a great 4th of July!















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