The Best of Memphis’s BBQ


My friend Breezy and I on Beale Street looking for the best BBQ spots to eat!

Natalie, Breezy and I went to Memphis to watch the Iowa State Bowl Game and to explore some good BBQ eats. After leaving Memphis and beginning the New Year, one of the main things I decided to change about my 2013 cooking is making more barbecue- how simple and productive for a New Years resolution right? I’m only kidding but lets just say I’ve been inspired. (FYI I just had my wisdom teeth out and am a little wired…). While in Memphis we went to several fantastic restaurants that had very distinct flavors of BBQ. I left Memphis with a whole new outlook on ribs, pulled pork and coleslaw. Mmmmh


#1  Prize in my book-Leonard’s Barbecue (featured on food network): My favorite BBQ ever, ever, EVER


Pulled pork sandwich with very unique coleslaw


Leonard’s beef ribs with BBQ sauce. This is my favorite thing I ate in Memphis.


#3 Prize-Rendezvous menu-another great restaurant in Memphis.They have good ribs with a dry rub.


#2 Prize-Finishing up Dillard’s BBQ right before the bowl game!

Our last stop for BBQ came at a tailgate we unexpectedly came across as… Natalie and Breezy were looking for a porta potty, which ended up being Dillard’s Barbecue’s “private” porta potty. How this happened we are still wondering. I guess following your bladder is a good thing to do because our porta potty mission led us to a tent where we were invited in to share their good eats. Pounds of barbecue such as smoked meatloaf, chicken, ribs, baked beans, and pulled pork. If anyone has a unique recipe for smoked meat loaf let me know! After eating our practically “full fledge feast” they even gave us a sample of their famous rub!


Smoked meatloaf!!!

For More Memphis BBQ Eats

Happy barbecue dreaming and eating everyone!


2 thoughts on “The Best of Memphis’s BBQ

  1. I’m also a huge fan of BBQ and there is so many more choices in FL than in PA. I have no idea why. I’m looking forward to YOUR recipes for BBQ, looks like you had a great time!!

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